After twelve years in the New York publishing world as an acquisitions editor at a Big Five house, I have worked independently as an editor from Los Angeles since 2010. I offer literary development consulting across categories but I specialize in literary and commercial fiction, historical fiction, and memoir. I work with my freelance clients much like an in-house editor would to elevate the manuscript–both the writer’s vision as well as the reader’s experience of their story. Some of my clients are established authors who want to partner with a freelance editor before sharing their book with their longtime agent or editor, others are referred by their literary agents, and most are debut voices who want to consult with a former house editor before querying literary agents or publishing their work independently through an e-platform. 

At present, I offer two different options for consulting on a client manuscript: the first is full single draft development notes, which includes overall conceptual notes, page specific notes, questions, and prompts. I also take on full length book projects for smaller consults, offering overall conceptual notes for editorial development. I share an entirely optional questionnaire with authors as well for consulting on query materials and then I work with my clients both over email or over the phone, whichever the writer prefers after I deliver the project.

I can be reached at jennifer@jenniferpooley.com and please visit my Publishers Marketplace profile: here.

*I am not taking on new clients at present as my schedule is full. Thank YOU for thinking of me.*